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Italian Obsession

Emma Taylor

The REAL Italian Stallion

The REAL Italian Stallion

I've been busy this month at the shop, even though we've been closed, making plans for an awesome 2015.

So far, the biggest excitement here in the kitchen has been the ordering of a brand new ice cream machine made by Carpigiani. This baby is roughly 6 times the size of my current little Carpigiani, which only make one gallon of ice cream at a time.

Ever wondered how we make our ice cream here at Milk Sugar Love so rich and creamy? Our Carpigiani ice cream machine plays a big roll in creating that amazing texture because it is designed to beat less air into our base to create a denser, smoother ice cream.  Carpigiani is, after all, a traditional Italian gelato equipment manufacturer.

The Panorama, looking so glamorous.

The Panorama, looking so glamorous.

I really love Italian design, which is what drew me to our ice cream case made by Ifi, another wonderful Italian company. Our case, the Panorama, is technically a gelato display, based on the traditional Pozzetti style of case, where the ice cream isn't actually visible to the customer because it is displayed in a silver tub with a lid. A great example of that kind of case can be found in Eataly in NYC.

The Panorama has the same tub as the Pozzetti, just no lid. Instead it has a flat piece of glass covering the tubs, so the customer can see all the glorious colors, ripples, sprinkles and swirls that make ice cream so beautiful to look at.

My Italian obsession also influenced how we serve the ice cream here at Milk Sugar Love. We like to serve it as one flavor (our kiddie size), two flavors (our regular size) and three flavors, just like Italian gelato. I'm a big fan of lots of little bites, so the more flavors in a serving, the better.