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Where do I find parking?
Street parking is available at both shops.  

Is there seating available inside?
We do not have indoor seating available at Hamilton Park; however, we have benches outside of the shop as well as more benches available in the park across the street. We offer three small tables and bench seating in the Heights. At this time, though, seating is unavailable due to indoor dining restrictions.  

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all forms of contactless payment as well as exact change only.  

Do you offer free water or free tastes?
In an abundance of caution, we are not offering complimentary water or complimentary tastes. We also kindly ask guests to wait to consume their ice cream or treats until they exit our shops.  

What safety protocols are you following at this time?

● All our staff is required to wear masks and single-use gloves while they are at work, as well as have their hair tied back and neat.  

● We follow a rigorous hourly cleaning and disinfecting policy for all high touch surfaces.  

● We promote social distancing at work by limiting the number of staff per shift and by making sure that there are no overlapping shifts.  

● We check our staff’s temperatures before their shift begins.  

● We only allow 1 guest or 1 group of 4 or fewer into either shop at a time. All guests are required to have a face covering when they come into the store.  

● We offer online pickup, contactless payment options, and contactless delivery


I have a severe allergy, or want to give a treat to someone with an allergy? What would you recommend?
We are not a certified allergen-free facility. We cannot and do not guarantee any of our treats are free of the 8 major allergens as identified by the FDA. While we follow the rigorous cleaning protocols required by our local health department, we cannot guarantee any of our products are free from allergens and do not recommend them for people with severe allergies. 

Do you have vegan or gluten-free baked goods?
We do not make vegan or gluten-free baked goods.  

Do you make vegan ice cream?
At this time, we do not keep dairy-free ice creams in stock.  

Is your ice cream gluten-free?
Any ice cream that is made without a cookie or cake swirled in is made without gluten.  None of our ice creams are certified gluten-free, though, and we do not recommend any  of our flavors or baked goods for people with severe allergies  

Is your ice cream pasteurized?
All ice cream base made in the United States is required by law to be pasteurized.  

Do you make sugar free or fat free ice cream or frozen yogurt?
At this time we do not make sugar free or fat free ice creams or frozen yogurt.  


How do I order a cake to pick up?
We do not take phone orders or in-person pre-orders at our shops. All orders for pickup must be placed on our online ordering page, here on the website. A completely digital process gives our kitchen the time they need to prepare each order and helps our counter team make sure each order is filled correctly and on time.  

Do you offer custom cakes?
We do not offer custom cakes. You can see our full menu (and even place your order!!)  on our online ordering page, including pricing, descriptions, pictures, and serving sizes.  

Can you write on cakes? 
We offer Sugar Paste Message Plaques that you can purchase along with one of our ice cream cake. Don’t forget to add a plaque to your cart before checkout, specify your inscription (no more than 5 words please!!) and your inscription color. 

When can I pick up my cake?
You can specify your pickup time on our website during the checkout process. Pickup is available during our normal store hours only.  

Can I reserve a cake over the phone?
No, we do not take phone orders. All products must be reserved and all pre-orders must  be placed on our online ordering page of the website


How long does it take to receive a response to an e-mail?
We respond within 3 business days to general e-mail inquiries, as long as the subject isn’t addressed here in our frequently asked question. Any customer service queries will be answered by a manager during their next shift.  

How do I know if the store is open?
Our hours are updated seasonally on our website as well as on Yelp, Google, and Apple  Maps. Unforeseen closures will be announced on Instagram and clearly posted at each shop.  

What if I need to speak with a manager?
We do not have a manager or supervisor working every shift. If you need to speak with a manager, our counter team will take your name and e-mail and a manager will be in contact during their next shift.  


Can I specify a delivery time for a future date and time? 
Yes! You’ll be prompted when you begin your order to select your delivery date and time.  

Can I send a note with a delivery?  
Yes! Don’t forget to add a card to your cart before checkout. You can specify your message at checkout.  

Why don’t you deliver to…? 
Our delivery partners set our delivery zones according to drive times and right now we cannot adjust those times. Let us know where we should open our next store, though, so we can bring Milk Sugar Love to your neighborhood!


Why can’t I find my favorite flavor?
Our menu varies from the shop you many have grown up with because we are small-batch artisans, hand-making our ice cream using simple, high-quality ingredients. We specialize in modern flavors inspired by our diverse home town, Jersey City. 

When can I get a hold of your new flavors?
Our new weekly flavors go live on our website for pre-order or delivery at 9 a.m. on  Fridays. New weekly flavors are available by the scoop as soon as your preferred shop opens for business on Friday.  

You always sell out so quickly of your holiday menu items. Why is that?
We keep our holiday menu items small batch, just like all of our ice cream, so we can guarantee their freshness when you pick them up.  

How do I get a specific flavor I saw on Instagram or on your website?
We are constantly changing our menu to reflect the upcoming season or holiday. After 7 years in business, we have created over 400 flavors, most of which only run once. Follow us on Instagram to see our latest creations and run---don’t walk!!---to our shops if you want to enjoy them in person!


How do I know your ice cream is fresh?  
We are a small-batch ice cream shop----we never have inventory on hand that is more than two weeks old. Please keep in mind, once you take your ice cream home, you need to properly store it so it maintains its taste and texture. We recommend storing in a sub-zero freezer, tightly packed or wrapped so no air can reach the surface. If properly stored, our ice cream will remain delicious for up to 3 months.  

How should I store an ice cream cake?  
Please store our ice cream cakes in a sub-zero freezer. If you are holding your cake longer than a day or two, we recommend removing it from the box and wrapping it tightly in plastic wrap before storing it in the freezer.  

I have a long drive home---will my ice cream melt?  
We never use chemicals or fillers in our ice cream. Because of this, our ice cream melts faster than most. An ice cream cake can last no longer than 30 minutes outside of the freezer. Our pints and ice cream sandwiches can last no longer than 10 minutes outside the freezer.